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Activities & Attractions

Mountain biking, running, walking… For the mountain biker and trail runner, bring your bike and pack in your running shoes. There is a wide rage of different terrain suitable for cycling or running and lost of fresh air and beautiful scenery. For those who just want to go on a stroll, bring a long your walking shoes. Take a walk, cycle or even a run into town and enjoy a hearty breakfast on the stoep of the Royal Hotel.

For those who prefer the not so active side, leisure around the pool or get lost in your reading in a sunny spot in the lounge, in the garden or on the stoep or just lie in and catch up on some lost sleep en well needed rest.

Draaikrans… Also situated on Noorspoort and in walking distance from the Main Homestead, is Draaikrans. A rock formation which is over 60m high and over a million years old. It was formed when the Karoo was still at the bottom of the Algoa Sea and high water temperature allowed the rock to become soft and pliable. As the earth’s plates moved, so it pushed the rock upwards to form what is today known as Draaikrans.


At Noorspoort:

Valley of the Flags… Steytlerville is justifiable proud of its Valley of the Flags. Painted by members of the Craven family and Tourism Association over the past 40 years on a rock face on the R329 national road that runs through their farm, Noorspoort. Nowhere else in the world, as far as is known, is something like this to be found.

Steytlerville… 4km from Noorspoort with the following points of interests:

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